The Right Help You Need In Finding Your Boudoir Outfit

Okay, so It’s hard enough talking yourself into doing this darn thing, but, What the heck do you wear? What looks good in photos?, What patterns should you avoid?. No worries! These are question I am asked daily and I have the answers for those Boudoir Outfit Ideas!

What Types of Lingerie looks Great in Photos?

You can make your boudoir session your own by wearing things that are meaningful to you (i.e your mans shirt, his fav jersey, a sporty outfit, etc..). Although you don’t have to necessarily wear lingerie for your session, these are some really cool items that photograph really well in photos. You can never go wrong with:

  • Bodysuits: Frame the body beautifully, gives you an elegant, elongated look

  • Lace Bikini: Shows off the body, very elegant

  • Oversized Sweaters: Has that “at home” feel

  • Calvin klein Or Sporty underwear Set

Not So Lingerie Outfits

The cool thing with Boudoir is that you can customize it to whatever you like as long as you feel amazing. Things that are specific to you and your other half can create some great images that are personal and fun.

What Colors Should I Wear, What are some I Should Avoid?

This is a question I get ALL the time, and its a fab question.

In Your session you want to wear something that makes you feel beautiful or wear that color that your man says “ I like when you wear xxxx, it looks amazing on you”. Below are some colors that really compliment the body no matter the skin color, or body type:

  • Black

  • Purples ( dark and light)

  • Nudes for fair skins, Browns for olive and darker skins

  • Deep Greens ( especially for red heads, and women with darker skin)

  • Deep reds

  • Denim

  • Whites ( especially for bridal boudoir)

It is important to take into account what location you will be shooting in and choose what to wear accordingly. For example, as shown below, locations that have a minimal look with minimal things on the wall can really compliment more bolder colors such as reds, purples, and dark pinks. You definitely want to pop during your session!

Colors to Avoid:

  • Florescent Colors (Hot Fuschia, greens, oranges, etc..)

  • stark white against white backgrounds

  • Busy Prints ( zebra, cheetah, busy florals..)

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